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The Neuroscience of Clipboards

Embodied Cognition has something to share about clipboards. Recent studies on the unconscious effects of holding a heavier — vs. holding a lighter — clipboard on human judgments are highlighted in an article on uxmatters.com, which discusses the fact that researchers found that:
people who reviewed [a job candidate's] resume on the heavier clipboard
  • rated the candidate as better qualified
  • said the candidate would be more serious about the position
  • rated the accuracy of their own evaluation as more important
The question must be raised: Is there a benefit to holding a heavier clipboard, as opposed to a lighter one? The advantages might be open to debate. Perhaps more disturbing is the impact of weight (of all things) on the operations of human judgment.

From the research, it could be argued that: "If you carry a heavy clipboard, you will feel more important." Should heavier clipboards be utilized in important business decisions? Should the nuance of such tactics be discouraged?

The moral implications of manipulating EC in one's favor can be complicated. (Is wearing cologne to impress a date less disturbing? ...Or dressing for an interview?) Perhaps it is preferable to meditate on the broader aspects of superficial details, such as an object's weight, in the process of decision-making.

Should clipboards be interviewed, to see what they think?
  • Should the interview be conducted...holding a clipboard?


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Nuff Said.

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These Hand Shadows are not examples of EC, of course. Still...

a bird in flight

a rabbit

a greyhound

a boy

a goat

an elephant

an old man

a pig

a camel

a deer

a tortoise

a dog's body

Source: Hand Shadows To Be Thrown Upon The Wall, by Henry Bursill.

"Repeated exposure to noxious stimuli reduces pain from noxious stimuli."
Reference from [I made it up].

You've come this far. Is it working?




Does holding a gavel make you more decisive?

Does holding a knife make you more aggressive?

Does holding an empty mug make you more thirsty?

Does holding an antique make you more nostalgic?

Does holding a notebook make you thoughtful?

Does holding a paint brush make you more artistic?




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